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Hungarian Minister: Migrant quotas violate EU treaties

The European Commission’s plans to introduce mandatory migrant quotas and the 250,000 euro fee member states would have to pay for each migrant they reject violate the European Union’s founding treaties, the Hungarian government office chief said. János Lázár, Minister of Prime Minister's Office said that the EC’s plans also …

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Hungary closes down an another refugee reception centre

Budapest, May 12 (MTI) – The government has closed down the refugee reception centre in Nagyfa, near the southern border, as requested earlier by nearby local governments, the mayor of neighbouring Algyő said on Thursday. Áron Molnár noted that in early March, the municipalities of Algyő, Hódmezovásárhely, Mako and Maroslele …

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An illegal immigrant was shot at the Slovak border

A Syrian women of 26 years got shot in her back while trying to escape from border control. Customs officers caught her and the traffickers at Nagymegyer. “Three of the drivers stopped at the call and it turned out that they were probably delivering illegal immigrants” – said Patricia Macikova, …

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Migrants harassing female handball team in Hungary

Hungary, Körmend – Hungary opened a new migrant camp near the Austrian border, to handle the few hundreds of illegals still on her territory. After three days, some migrants harassed a female handball team during their training and eventually broke a window after being asked to leave. Hungary decided to …

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Migrants arrived to a Hungarian town

A refugee hostel opened in the town of Körmend (Western Hungary), the camp was broadened this week as a new migrant group arrived on monday. The hostel is open, therefore migrants can leave whenever they want. So far they could go to Austria, but the Austrian government set bordercontroll up …

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Burqa is banned in Bulgaria

The Southern Bulgarian town Pazardjik was the first town, wich prohibited the wearing of face coverings in public places, other cities had followed the instance, and they have adopted the burqa banning. The nationalist Patriotic Front coalition initiated the banning of the burqa wearing. When Pazardjik initiated the prohibiting, the …

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