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 English  Deutsch  Français  Español  Pусский  Česky ANDREJ BABIŠ ‘STANDS BEHIND’ ALLY VIKTOR ORBAN OVER EU SANCTIONS  Brian Kenety  14-09-2018  Print  Subscribe to RSS Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (Ano) said Thursday that the European Parliament was wrong to try to sanction Hungary and his government “stands behind” Viktor Orban, whom …

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The Czech Prime Minister persists: “We will not welcome any migrant. Not one. Nobody can tell us who has the right to live in our country.”

Not a single migrant will enter the Czech Republic despite the European Commission’s compulsory quota mechanism, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis promised his Parliament last week. “We will not welcome any migrant, nor any quota of migrants. Not one. We are against the idea that the EU can dictate to …

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The Visegrád Group (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) wants to create a common project to combat the migrant crisis.

Austrian conservative Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Tuesday that he wants to “build bridges” to ease tensions between East and West within the EU. “I have noticed growing tensions in the EU, particularly because of the migration crisis. In this context, our ambitious project in Austria is to build bridges …

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Czechia Wants to Help the Libyan Coast Guard

Via Visegrad Post Czechia – As polls show that Czechs massively do not want any more refugees nor migrants, the Czech Prime Minister told the press his will to increase the Czech aid to the Libyan coast guard. According to the latest CVVM poll released last week, 60% of Czechs …

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EU Launches Legal Action Against Hungary, Poland, Czechia over Migrant Refusal

The European Union has announced legal proceedings against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic in a move that threatens to deepen the EU’s east-west divide over migration policy. The move against the three eastern member states by the European Commission came after they refused to accept any migrants as part …

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