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Brussels wants to stop funding “rebel” countries of the European Union

The European Union intends to remind its “deviant” members that it’s not only an economic market but also a community of values….

The European Commission already think about how the EU could remove European funds from its member states that will fail to respect the basic rule of law. Without saying, countries like Poland, Hungary or Romania are in the target. The Czech Republic with its populist leader Andrej Babis, subject to an investigation may also be concerned.

It’s not surprising to note that these sanctions only concern member countries that officially oppose immigration and the rejection of being a vassal Brussels state. This new sanctions would consist to controlling, not only the laws that would block the great collective Europeans suicide but also control the elections and maintain a climate of tension for those who would like to get out of the “right way”.

Several Member States, had already mentioned in the autumn this possibility of linking European funds and respect for European principles. They are 20 official members, a club that doesn’t include Poland or Hungary.

Right now, no concrete track has yet committed but “the commissioner has some ideas,” says a source. Last week, she explained that it would be a question of setting up a definition of the rule of law and the criteria that determine it. It could thus be a definition of the independent nature of a judicial system.

These new laws have resulted in Poland receiving an unprecedented procedure last December, the famous procedure of Article 7 who was the key suspension of its voting right. The abolition of European funds seems however much more effective than this procedure of Article 7.

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