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Brazil’s right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro faces run-off in presidential election

ir Bolsonaro, the right-wing Brazilian Congressman, is facing a second-round runoff against leftist former Sao Paulo mayor Fernando Haddad after failing to secure an outright majority.

Mr Bolsonaro obtained 46.7 percent of the votes in Sunday’s first-round vote, while Mr Haddad, the stand-in for jailed ex-President Luiz Inacio da Silva, got 28.37 percent, the president of the country’s top electoral court said on Sunday.  The vote will be held on October 28.

“I voted against thievery and corruption,” said Mariana Prado, a 54-year-old human resources expert. “I know that everyone promises to end these two things, but I feel Bolsonaro is the only one can help end my anxieties.”

Mr Bolsonaro has painted a nation in collapse, where drug traffickers and politicians steal with equal impunity, and moral rot has set in. He has advocated loosening gun ownership laws so individuals can fight off criminals, giving police a freer hand to use force and restoring “traditional” Brazilian values – though some take issue with his definition of those values in light of his approving allusions to dictatorship era torturers and his derisive comments about women, blacks and gay people.

Mr Bolsonaro’s poll numbers have increased by about 15 percent since he was stabbed on September 6. He was unable to campaign or participate in debates as he underwent surgeries during a three-week hospital stay, but instead brought messages directly to voters via Facebook and Twitter.

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