VIA Sputnik

Swedish government wants to double the penalties for those enterprises which employ undocumented migrants in the light of the April 7 terror attack, Swedish Justice and Migration Minister Morgan Johansson said Thursday. Swedish government proposes doubling the penalty up to approximately $5,000, according to Johansson. 
Johansson introduced new measures on addressing migrants and repatriation of those who were denied asylum on the Swedish soil during a press conference in Stockholm. 
The restriction of the measures related to the migrants’ issue came after Sweden’s government introduced the latest round of restrictions in fall 2016, namely, in September it tightened border control to stem the flow of migrants. 
Sweden has long been attractive for asylum seekers as it provides them with welfare payments and grants financial aid to those willing to get back to their home countries, including Yemen, Somalia and Palestine. However, many of the asylum seekers disappear without trace after being denied residence permission, which means they stay on the Swedish territory illegally or move on to another state or return to their homelands. Only Swedish law enforcement services are looking for over 10,000 migrants due for deportation.