VIA The Sun

Migrants at a detention centre are being taught how to make cocktails. 
They learn how to prepare non-alcoholic versions known as mocktails to get jobs as bartenders after they are deported or freed. They can pick from other courses such as napkin folding, barista training and hotel housekeeping. One room at 400-capacity Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre in Lincolnshire is now a replica hotel suite for detainees to practise cleaning and bed-making. They are paid £1-an-hour. 
A staff member said: “Many prisons have barista and cleaning courses, but this is the first I’ve heard of a cocktail making course. It makes sense to give inmates as many skills as possible so they can find jobs in the outside world.”  
A report by the Independent Monitoring Board said full or half-day courses were proving “popular and easily managed.” 
It added: “Detainees from some cultures who don’t like to be seen cleaning have been found locations where they can work out of sight of their peers.”