Best Stock – Make Huge profit by buying Tencent Stock

If you are among those who is looking forward to investing for the long term, then Tencent Holdings is giving you opportunity to make investment. Founded in 1998, it is a conglomerate holding company which has subsidiaries in the global market offering internet-based services and products that includes artificial intelligence, entertainment and other technology. The company has twin-skyscaper headquarter based in Nanshan District of Shenzhen.

It is among the world’s largest video game vendor and has also made place among most financially valuable companies. It offers services in almost all the sectors that includes social network, music, e-commerce, gaming, smart phones and multiplayer online games. Tencent Stock has spread its wings across China. It has more than 700 million active users and approximately 120 million subscribers. As per the data of 2018, the company has market value of US$500 billion and has become the first Asian technology company to cross the valuation mark. Since then, it has emerged as the first ever valuable company in China. It has stakes in more than 600 companies and is also focusing on the tech start-ups in Asia. It follows multiple investment strategy allowing its portfolio startups operate autonomously.

By diving into the history of the company, Tencent was founded by Pony Ma, Zhang Zhidong, Xu Chenye, Chen Yidan and Zeng Liging in 1998 November. The initial funding was provided by the venture capitalists. Initially, the company remain unprofitable for 3 years but later it started making profit. Later in 2001, South African Media Company Nasper bought its share of 46.5% and remain its stake holder till date. It also holds stake in Tencent’s sister companies like OLX, Meesho, Udemy etc. it was also listed in Hongkong Stock Exchange since 2004. It solely derives income from adverting and is a premium user of QQ from where it makes good monthly fees by receiving extras.

By 2005, it is making huge profit from QQ mobile through cellular value-added service and by licensing its penguin character, which can be found on snacks food and also from clothing. From 2008, Tencent is seeing profit growth by selling virtual goods.

Since 2004, Tencent’s services has included online gaming and is growing rapidly by offering licensing games rapidly. Though two games Crossfire and Dungeon fighter Online, were originally produced by developers of South Korea, Tencent has become pioneer in video game development.

Apart from games, it has made place in social media by developing social media apps. Now known as WeChat, the most popular applications. It has over 1 billion monthly active users. Between 2011 to 2014, Tencent has also acquired majority of equity interest (92.78%) in the Riot Games, developer of League of Legends for about US$230 million.

The company has made place into almost every online sector. It has become pioneer in internet-based businesses and online trading which has increased its price of stocks. If you are looking for growing companies for investment, then Tencent is among them.

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