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Barbara John (CDU) to Germans: No fear to become minority!

peoples of immigrant origin already represent the majority in a few large cities, which might sound fearful. But it is often unfounded. A tribune by Barbara John

In Germany too, it is only a matter of time until in cities of a certain size people of immigrant origin make up the majority of the population. This is already the case in Frankfurt-am-Main. […] Augsburg and Stuttgart are the next candidates […] Nationally, however, only one in four inhabitants is of immigrant origin, as has the Federal Statistical Office just released. […] Statisticians specifically point out that not all asylum seekers have been taken into account yet.

The new majority is made up of many groups of immigrants who have enormous differences in education, ethnicity, religion, culture and also in economic terms. They are often divided among themselves, as well as with other groups, which is also the case for the native population. Thus, new political alliances are formed that go beyond the cleavage between people who have and those who do not have an immigrant background. […] This is how many things change and many also improve.

Source: https://www.tagesspiegel.de/politik/migration-wenn-die-einheimischen-auf-einmal-in-der-minderheit-sind/22881050.html


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