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Irish government plans to add 1 million migrants to 4 million Irish

Organizing the submersion of Europe: the Irish example.
The Irish government – currently a coalition of the Fine Gael party, which has been described as a “center-Right” but calls itself “progressive center,” and the Left-wing Labor Party – have launched the “Project Ireland 2040” program.
“Prepare for Ireland in 2040.”

It is a program that is being promoted with a lot of cash being poured into the press, which has been somewhat scandalous. The Irish government has been under fire since it was revealed that it was paying journalists to write positive stories about Project Ireland.

The official Website of “Project Ireland 2040 is here.
How is this possible?
The population of Ireland currently stands at 4.7 million. A million more? A greater than 20% increase in only 20 years? And this is when the current birthrate in Ireland is 1.94 (their replacement level is 2.1).

To get some idea about what the people might think of this plan, the recent referendum in Lisdoonvarna, in County Clare on the west coast, might be able to shed some light. The government had planned to install 115 “migrants” there, mostly from Sub-Saharan Africa, in a village of 300 inhabitants – an increase of 38%. A referendum was held, and out of 197 votes, only 15 were in favor of the migrants.

Nevertheless, on Sunday Ireland’s Minister for Justice and Equality, David Stanton, was heard on RTE One news saying that towns “didn’t have the right to say no” to the quartering of migrants.

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